Lunae Secutor Lunae Secutor Lunae Secutor

title: Lunae Secutor (moon chaser)

edition: 100

materials: paper, wood, brass, rocks, an led light, a battery, wiring, a glass window, and brass screws.

size: 5” x 2.75” x 2.25”

medium: hand painted with acrylic ink and letterpress printing

notes: Lunae Secutor is a moveable book in the form of an insect specimen, a caterpillar. On the lid is a specimen label with the insect’s name and the location of its collection. Folded into the underside of the lid is a fictional scientific account of this particular caterpillar species’ inability to metamorphose into a butterfly. As a solace for this loss it develops an attraction to the moon, which it passionately follows. When the wooden handle is turned the caterpillar “walks” toward a paper moon that is illuminated by a hidden light.

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